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Here at Organized Zone we understand that every situation is unique, so we offer a wide variety of services to ensure that our clients are getting the help they need!

Organizing Needs Assessment

Is your project so overwhelming you don’t even know where to start? We would love to come for an organizing diagnostic evaluation.  We meet with you in person and assess your specific needs and interests. Then we develop a strategic plan summary, which includes goals, an assessment of what is working and what is not, a diagnosis of the problem, the sequence of attack, physical layout changes as well as an estimate of how long the project will take to complete.   Price $250, Includes $100 Gift Certificate for Hands On Organizing

Phone and On-line Coaching

Remote Coaching is an easy and affordable options for clients who need some advice with an organizing project. With our phone and on-line coaching service, you can discuss your current undertaking with a professional organizer.  Our organizers will help you to tackle your project in a manageable way that leads to success.  Clients may email any pictures or diagrams prior to the scheduled appointment for our team to review. Price $40 per 30 minutes or Prepaid 6 sessions for $200 ($40 savings)

Lifestyle Management Services

Are you juggling carpools, doctor appointments, meetings and errands?  Our team is here to make your life easier! We can help streamline your day by running personal errands, managing your home, coordinating renovations and trades, supervising deliveries and installations and providing on-call personal assistance.  This service is also ideal for people who are in the midst of an especially busy time – perhaps moving into a new house or hosting a big event. Price $75 per hour or Prepaid 6 hours for $400 ($50 savings)

Home and De-cluttering Services

We are here to tackle the most cluttered spaces in your house! Whether it’s a closet in the basement where things have been accumulating for years or your entire house has been overrun with clutter, we can help!  In addition to getting you on track, we are available for ongoing maintenance to make sure that your new organizing strategies persist over time.  Price $75 per hour or Prepaid 6 hours for $400 ($50 savings)

Corporate and Home Office Organizing

A functional, organized space is key to productivity. Let Organized Zone help you maximize your efficiency by organizing your workspace.  Our services include paper management, filing systems, supply organization and office layout.  Price $75 per hour or Prepaid 6 hours for $400 ($50 savings)

Moving and Relocation Services

A move almost always arouses stress and anxiety.  Organized Zone can help mitigate those feelings. Our team will manage all of the stressful details of your move.  We will be there to move you out and move you in.  Our services for move-out include, packing, charity donations, rubbish removal, arranging movers, storage and household inventories and decluttering and rearranging to maximize resale appeal.  For move in, our services include, unpacking, employee relocation, change of address, coordinating deliveries and managing the movers.  Price $75 per hour or Prepaid 6 hours for $400 ($50 savings)