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Be sure to tune in Wednesday’s at 7:00 PM for my live podcast. Every week, I review valuable organizing suggestions and techniques, while taking your questions!


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  • “Brenda and her team changed my family’s life for the better. We now have harmony in the home. She didn’t throw everything out, she was respectful with my things. She created systems and a home and place for everything.”

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    Changed My Life
  • “SIMPLY OUTSTANDING!!!! I have had the pleasure of working with Brenda’s Team (Lorie, Nora) for the last year and a half. WOW, there is no job too small or too big for them to handle. Communication is outstanding, productivity is over the top! These ladies have become my friends in such a way that we […]

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    Simply Outstanding
  • “I had a great experience. Brenda is so easy to speak with. She is understanding, inspirational and full of great ideas. An absolute pleasure!”

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    Great Experience

Organized Zone Inc

Margo McCoy
Margo McCoy
13:52 22 May 17
Brenda and her team are fantastic. Very kind and respectful. Brenda explains the plan she has to clear out the space and reorganize it. Her team helps to reduce the amount of stuff you have by helping you to let go of the attachment and keep what you need. It is amazing how much nicer it is when everything has a place and you can just enjoy the space.
Heather Wagman
Heather Wagman
21:54 27 Feb 17
Brenda is the "Expert Organizer" and her team is very professional. No job is too small or too big. They do it all! Brenda is very sensitive to her clients needs and involves you in the process. I have used The Organized Zone for several projects over the years including moving twice, home staging, renovating my home and office. I would not use anyone else for my home and office organizing needs. I highly recommend Brenda and her team. They are a pleasure to deal with and their work is top notch!involves
janet misty
janet misty
03:35 18 May 17
I have used Brenda's services several times to help organize my home and place of business. Brenda and her professional team of organizers, work well together in decluttering and organizing. I am so happy with the end results as she met all my expectations and I would use her again in a New York minute. Organized Zone will not dissapoint you. I highly recommend Brenda and her team.
Julie Starr
Julie Starr
05:22 27 Mar 17
Brenda Borenstein and her Organized Zone is one efficient organizing "machine". She is totally together, gets the job done and with total heart! I highly recommend this company. Julie Starr, www.possibilitycoaching.net
lori sorger
lori sorger
20:13 27 Mar 17
What was an overwhelming task I had to undertake, Brenda and her team made it seem effortless and actually enjoyable. I cannot recommend her highly enough!!
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