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How Much Time do You Waste on The Internet?

As I write this post I’m thinking of myself and how much time I have wasted over the years.

I’m an organizer, I should know better, I teach time management!

Thank goodness I am dedicated to personal growth and I am willing to work on improving myself.

Generally going on the internet for me is productive, as I need the internet to run my business.

Like many, I check my emails, stocks, website, social media, and of course, there is all my research a surfing to do’s.

I don’t watch much television, how would I possibly fit that in; )

While I drive, I feel I am relatively unplugged, besides the odd illegal look at my smartphone when I hear a ping.

If I got paid $5 for every minute wasted on unproductive electronic diversions, I would be satisfied. (Note to self, research get paid for surfing. Just joking.

I find that writing out specific intentions daily are an effective tool to keep me on track for the day. Try it!

Recently I heard the concept that rich people know the value of time, they hire people to save them time and poor people sell their time by the hour.

I am grateful for the failures and tremendous learning curves, that gave me the experiential wisdom that I can share with my clients. Let’s be mindful of our precious time.

For me, this year is about being purposeful and thought conscious. I want value for my time, I want each moment to be meaning and productive.

How about you?


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