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The Five Year Plan

I was speaking to a brilliant business coach today. We were talking about my 16 years in the organizing business and the benefits of a pause.

The ” Pause” whether intentional or not is an amazing opportunity to develop, create and think about taking your next steps.

His suggestion was to look at the person I want to be in 5 years.  I remember when I started my business in 2001. I did that very thing,  my vision was so far out from the place I was in.  Because I couldn’t fathom my next step forward. I envisioned the person I would be in 5 years and took steps down the slope the person I was.  Each step was small, detailed, and believable. After completing that I had the blueprints to go from where I was to who I wanted to become.  And with great thanks to the almighty I achieved that miraculously.  I am choosing to take a purposeful pause to bust out of my cocoon and bloom into the butterfly I can become.

Patience and logic tells me to enjoy the process and learn from it. My ego wants it now,  wanting to fast track all the steps.

I think it’s always good to entertain new perspectives.  Today with the wisdom and clarity from the business coach, he helped me see new possibilities in my ultimate goal to expand my reach to help more people transform their lives through organizing.

So with pause, ambition and clarity I will go off and write out my 5 year plan.  Thanks to Rob – the business coach, for his unique way of seeing potential and giving me inspiration.


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