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TGF Really?

Thank G-d it’s Friday, really?
That means the week is coming to end and I hardly finished what I planned.

The regrets are rushing  in. Where did this week go? I could have been more productive. I should have done this or that. I’m not ready for this week to be over. The self loathing list continues. Punishing thoughts are abundant.

How is this frame of mind going to lead me to where I need to go? It’s not.

Reframe. Here is the turn around, look what you did actually accommplish. The true connections you made. Think about new things you learned, through reading, surfing, experiencing. The Seeds that you planted. Maybe you showed kindness to another person and brightened up their day.  Perhaps you created new thinking about moving forward. Your subconscious mind  is soaking up all Positive desires and that is the blue print to moving in the right direction.  Feel the excitement of having the opportunity to relax and start fresh next week with all your plans, the feeling is palpable. No regrets.

Take this time to eat well, slow down and embrace your weekend. Reconnect with friends and family face to face. Try the old school method and disconnect electronically for a day or so. The world will still be here when you press power again. Try it, you will be amazed.

My best to all of you, have a great one.


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