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Real Estate Prices Are Insane

So many of my clients are selling their homes wanting to capitalize on the gains. When they hear what their homes are worth in today market, it is as if their numbers came in for the lottery.


Last week I walked into my client’s 70-year-old home. The floor was creaking with every step I took while trying to access for staging.

I asked myself, how am I going to make this 70-year-old, 2 bedroom house look fabulous.

house 00004

My usual tricks automatically kicked in. We removed the clutter on all surfaces. Painted what budget allowed. Removed extra furniture and packed boxes for off-site storage. Rented furniture and covered a piece to modernized. We stage for viewing not living, cleared out cupboards by half. Added pops of color to freshen it up. Flowers and lemons always add a nice touch.

Okay, the place looked great if I do say so myself. But 1.5 million great. I almost passed out when I heard what it sold for.

I think if you are living in a million dollar shack, dress it up a little. It’s your castle so make it the best it can be for you whether you are selling it or living in it like a king or queen.


I am the creator, owner and operator of Organized Zone. We have a long legacy of successful transformations. We are Toronto’s premier independent residential and corporate organizing service. Along with my team of talented organizers, we have helped thousands of people turn unimaginably cluttered homes and offices into streamlined, functional spaces.

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