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Progress, Not Perfection. Life Isn’t Perfect, It’s The Way It’s Ought to be

This basement was a place for storage, it was unmanageable. We found lots of treasures.

This basement was a place for storage, it was unmanageable. We found lots of treasures.

Are glossy photos of pristine homes reality? People have stuff and live in their homes and there is always proof of that. I often tell my clients when I stage a home, that I’m going to stage the home to look generic and make it look like you don’t live there- no offense, just less personal. This way the potential buyer can imagine their stuff in it. Have you heard the expression? When you have a blank canvas you can create a masterpiece. Same concept for an empty or at least decluttered space. That is usually a good starting point to design a space. I know a few people who live in an unbelievable kept up, magazine-like home. The way they have succeeded in that was a long process, it took years to tweak. Bit by bit, year after year, until they got all their ducks in a row. Many today homes have house cleaners or a nanny which help with the maintenance, however, chaos is inevitable without a functional systems. When you have an easy system in place, everyone will be able to follow.

Recently a friend sent me a link from youtube on targeted advertising for women, in essence the objectifying and sexualizing of women- unfortunately nothing new. A new thought came to me as I often walk into a new clients home and either they are appoligizing for asking for help or showing me magazines of how they want their space to be. Many people feel judged by society and put expectation on themselves of how their home ought to be. Some women seem to feel lesser than if their homes are not perfect. Comparing

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their homes to the media perfection glossies. My words for today are lightened up, feeling guilty doesn’t help our productivity. By taking a small action today to making your home your castle is a step in the right direction.




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