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Organizing Spices

People say it’s best to store dry spices for up to 6 months. That is for optimum flavour. As a professional organizer I admit I probably have them longer. I don’t date them and I don’t specifically remember when I bought them. And if I go to Costco and get the mega size spices I don’t think I can use them up in six months.  I do know that everyone loves my food (or they lie and say they do) and it’s still flavorful using spices that might be a wee bit older than then the “six month shelf life” suggestion.

I use fresh spices or fresh herbs as much as I possible. Their is s huge difference in the flavour from dried to fresh.

There are so many ways to store spices and for sure so many ways to organize them. What’s your style? Do you alphabetized on a shelf dated for freshness? Do you have a spice drawer? A spice shelf? A box or bin? Do you store them in the freezer?Whether you’re “organized” or not most people have a specific place where they store them and know where they are when cooking. I call that a working system.

There is a lot of maintenance involved in having a perfectly uniformed current dated, aesthetically pleasing spice system. Personally that’s not my priority. My own system being right handed is to have them to the right of my stove in cupboard for easy access. I have assorted herbs and spices in a variety of sizes and the most frequent used are on the bottom shelf and the larger containers or jars are on top shelf. I keep empty ones on top too. I do take the time and effort to transfer bags and spice packages into jars/containers. I want easy access all the time.

This should be the worst of our concerns today. Enjoy the spice of life.
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