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Manic Mondays


I know you have a lot to do. Maybe you are organized maybe not.  Anxiety is looming and welcome to Manic Monday.

The is an amazing reset tool I use myself that I am going to share with you. Just like any electronic device when it’s not working well you have turn off and restart. Most of the time this fixes the issues.

Here is what I do. Find a quiet space or a space where I will not be interrupted for 10 minutes. With pen and paper,  I just think about the projects, issues and solution. I really just meditate on it. Then I have a clarity that springs my thoughts and ideas into written plans on a paper.  It could be a list or a long page of written words. I unload my organized vision on my blueprint for success.  Whether I refer back to that list or not I now know what I have to do. And I just do it without delay, hiccups or procrastination.

I have shared and taugh this method with many of my clients and they also are amazing  with the results.

I invite  anyone experiencing manic Monday or any other trying moment to try this out and let me know your results.

Have a great start to your week.


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