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How to Clean Out Your Closet

This article was inspired by my client Bobby who could have won a world record for the messiest closet ever.

Before cleaning out your closet there are a few things you should know before starting.

1. Always start the process in the morning! This gives you more time to complete the task. Nothing is worse than a mountain of clothes on your bed when it’s time to go to sleep.

2. Have lots of bags on hand. If you only have a single hanging bar, you should consider getting a closet organizer to fully maximize your space.

3. Get rid of obstacles that are in front of the closet.

4. If you have sliding doors that are cumbersome, remove them temporally or replace with a sliding curtain.

5. Deal with the items on the bottom and top of the closet first.

Sort and group your items into broad categories in separate piles on the bed or floor.

Some categories might not even make it back in your closet.

6. Have a systematic approach when deciding what you should actually keep.

Think about if that stain will ever come out of a garment?

Will you ever be a size 5 again and if you are will you wear that old thing? Yes, the shoes were very expensive but they always hurt your feet?

If you are unsure try it on and see what you think.

7. Completely empty everything from the closet and sort into appropriate piles.

If you are doing it right at this stage your room will look like a cyclone went through it. Have no fear the hard part is done.

8. Place bags on a shelf, standing upright if possible, group by color and size.

9. Hang belts on a belt rack or looped through a wooden hanger.

10. Scarves can be hung on pant hangers if room permits or folded in a drawer or small bin.

11. Shoes should be stored out of the shoebox to maximize space and also to see what you have.

Arrange them by color ensuring seasonal shoes are stored elsewhere.

12. If hanging space is very limited even after the purge, use shelves for holding folded sweaters, casual T-shirts and tank tops arranging them by color and folding them GAP style.

13. When hanging all items make sure that the hangers are consistent and the items face the same way.

To avoid the annoying folded creased pant, use a pant hanger and hang them upside down in full length.

14. Hang all tops together arranging them in from lightest to darkest. Ranging from tank top to full sleeve.

Hopefully, this article inspired you to clean out your closet. Good luck!


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