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Getting Organized Sunday Morning

What inspires you?

Getting Organized. To me there is nothing more Zen then having the house to myself Sunday morning and getting my home clean and organized. 

It sets the right platform for a productive week. I usually start in the kitchen, followed by dining room, living room, bathroom and bedrooms.

I am in a joyful mediative state doing all these tasks. The work just flows effortlessly. The results are so rewarding. I am filled with accomlishment and pride as I go through room by room.  Ready to plan for a week of focused outcomes.

This is my strategy for getting mentally and physically prepared for the week ahead. What works for you?


I am the creator, owner and operator of Organized Zone. We have a long legacy of successful transformations. We are Toronto’s premier independent residential and corporate organizing service. Along with my team of talented organizers, we have helped thousands of people turn unimaginably cluttered homes and offices into streamlined, functional spaces.

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