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Getting it Done 

We all want to be productive and be the best we can be. What gets in our way of achieving that?

The key is our thoughts, which become feelings and turn into action. Thoughts can have a positive or negative result. Know that you control your thoughts, this is all within our power. You get to choose your thought, change your thought and design your day and life.

Recently I have examined the reason I’m successful at managing and transforming the most unimaginable spaces into real life magazine cover after.

It is a skill I developed many years ago, and it’s not being organized, which I am and that definitely helps.

It’s the ability to be laser focused on the result I want. It’s a mindset that is amazing. It’s intense. Putting all my thoughts and energies into the result I want. I use this technique when I’m moving clients home when I’m organizing a dumping room when I want to lose weight really and think I really want to achieve. I becoming an amazing solution provider and all the pieces of the puzzle start to fit.

With every decision I make, I ensure the right question is framed. Is this going to get me closer to that result or vision I seek?

This process is for an interval of time only as it can be exhausting and intense, which at the time will feel exciting and adrenaline pumped. The results are spectacular and miraculous.

Another reason this success is when I am working on a project my entire team is laser focused too on the same vision. So multiply that intensity x 100. I invite you to engage and share your vision with your family, friends, work colleagues or partners. Two heads are better than one, strength in numbers, so true, to have support is advantageous.   If you don’t have that support   you can still be more powerful than you every have before.

Write down your vision, meditate on it. Write down your plans of how you can do it. Remember you create the thought, which becomes a feeling and turns into action. So make it a good one.

It’s easier done than said.


I am the creator, owner and operator of Organized Zone. We have a long legacy of successful transformations. We are Toronto’s premier independent residential and corporate organizing service. Along with my team of talented organizers, we have helped thousands of people turn unimaginably cluttered homes and offices into streamlined, functional spaces.

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