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Amazing Transformation Starts with A Call

The process of amazing transformation starts when I receive a call or an email for help. I have been in the organizing and decluttering business since 2001. Many of my clients connect with me when something big has happened good or bad. A divorce, a new marriage, blending a family, a new baby, a new business, financial stress, selling a house, sickness, death, winning the lottery, tragedy, flooding, hoarding, renovation, addiction, depression, moving, relocation and the list goes on.  When people ask me what we do, it’s not accurate to say I’m a professional organizer, a clutter coach, or a therapist, we do so much more than that. I like to think of myself as a compassionate “fixer”.  Whatever the situation is, we can fix it, we have the experience and resources to improve any situation. Last week an old client from about 5 year ago called for a serious family situation that was seeming hopeless.  She being resourceful herself,  remembered my team and asked if we would work on a hoarding situation.  And with great enthusiasm we look on the challenge for an amazing transformation.

I am always with gratitude to my team of amazing organizers, specialty cleaners, off site storage facility, junk removal guys, movers, shredders, laundry pick up service and G-ds help. I get tremendous satisfaction when an opportunity arises to make a significant positive change.  Within a week, the house was transformed to clean, uncluttered, organized and livable.  A clean environment can be so healing.  If you need or know someone who needs to hand off a tough situation to the pro’s, call the “fixers” organizedzone.com, professional home and office organizers 4164144124.


I am the creator, owner and operator of Organized Zone. We have a long legacy of successful transformations. We are Toronto’s premier independent residential and corporate organizing service. Along with my team of talented organizers, we have helped thousands of people turn unimaginably cluttered homes and offices into streamlined, functional spaces.

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